About Us

A.a.Ron Myers and Ed Word Galan are a dynamic duo who share a love for music, dancing, and community building. In late 2019, BeanTown Lockers, a group which they are both members of, won a grant to put on a series of monthly pop-up performances for the following year. In 2020, as they were forced to pivot on their initial plans, A Trike Called Funk was conceived as an adaptation to the changing rules around social gathering. Its founders wanted to be able to create fun and engaging experiences while also supporting local businesses and organizations who were also figuring out new ways to bring people together.

We believe that any time there’s a gathering of people there is an opportunity to induce beauty, generosity, creativity and magic. A Trike Called Funk is a vehicle that allows those things to emerge spontaneously and organically. 

A Trike Called Funk has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by an All-Star Team of advisors & collaborators specializing in music, bicycles, placemaking, and entrepreneurship. Their support and belief in A Trike Called Funk has helped turn this creative venture from an idea to a reality.

Community Support

  • Seed funders with The Boston Foundation and Booty by Brabants.
  • Staff leaders, teachers, and mentors with Roxbury Innovation Center, Venture Café Cambridge, Venture Café & District Hall Providence, and EforAll Roxbury.
  • Volunteer leaders with Common Wheels, Somerville Bike Kitchen, and Boston Bike Party
  • Designers & makers with Artists for Humanity, Artistans Asylum, and Pike Powder Coating.
  • DJs and beatmakers from Boston to The Bay.

The Team

A.a.Ron Myers

A-A-Ron was born in the MidWEST and educated in the EAST.  He’s spent lots of time down SOUTH (America, that is) yet his true NORTH is community building through the arts on an international scale.  Aaron brings to A Trike Called Funk 15+ years in the international non-profit arena and 20+ years dancing—from Breaking to Capoeira Angola to Locking—and is the lead on sales, operations, and social media.

Ed Word Galan

Born in the Dominican Republic, EdWord moved to Boston at 6 years old and spent many of his formative years here as well as California and Colorado. He attended Naropa University where he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Music, Peace and Conflict Studies and Psychology. EdWord helps entrepreneurs grow their business as a Program Manager @ EforAll Roxbury and is the resident DJ of A Trike Called Funk.